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"New tracks we're playing... "

These are the new tracks we've added to our High Rotation Playlist during the weeks noted,
replacing tracks that have been moved into general play categories.

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w/c Monday 18th March, 2019:

Direct Hit - "Welcome To Heaven"
Buy Direct Hit's "Crown of Nothing" Album
through iTunes

mewithoutYou - "Another Head For Hydra"
Buy mewithoutYou's "[untitled]" Album
through iTunes

Tokyo Police Club - "Simple Dude"
Buy Tokyo Police Club's "TPC" Album
through Riot FM

w/c Monday 11th March, 2019:

Bad Suns - "Away We Go"
Buy Bad Suns' "Mystic Truth" Album
through iTunes

Hi-Standard - "All Generations"
Buy Hi-Standard's "The Gift" Album
through iTunes

The Temperance Movement - "Caught in the Middle"
Buy The Temperance Movement's "A Deeper Cut" Album
through Riot FM

Trappist - "No Soldier Left Behind"
Buy Trappist's "Ancient Brewing Tactics" Album
through Riot FM

w/c Monday 4th March, 2019:

Dropout Kings Ft. Landon Tewers - "Going Rogue"
Buy Dropout Kings' "Audiodope" Album
through Riot FM

w/c Monday 25th February, 2019:

Diamante - "Haunted"
Buy Diamante's "Coming In Hot" Album
through Riot FM

Dwellings - "See It Through"
Buy Dwellings' "Lavender Town" Album
through Riot FM

Hoobastank - "Push Pull"
Buy Hoobastank's "Push Pull" Album
through Riot FM