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"New tracks we're playing... "

These are the new tracks we've added to our High Rotation Playlist during the weeks noted,
replacing tracks that have been moved into general play categories.

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w/c Monday 24th September:

Culture Abuse - "Dip"
Buy Culture Abuse's "Bay Dream" Album through Riot FM

Not Amused - "Spit N' Swallow"
Buy Not Amused's "Spit N' Swallow" Single through Bandcamp

Strung Out - "Town Of Corazon"
Buy Strung Out's "Black Out The Sky" Album through Riot FM

Swingin' Utters- "Human Potential"
Buy Swingin' Utters' "Peace and Love" Album through Bandcamp

The Get Up Kids- "Better This Way"
Buy The Get Up Kids' "Kicker" Album through Riot FM

The Iron Eye [Aust] - "Conscience Cleaner"
Buy The Iron Eye's "Conscience Cleaner" Album through Bandcamp

w/c Monday 17th September:

Alkaline Trio - "Blackbird"
Buy Alkaline Trio's "Is This Thing Cursed" Album through Riot FM

Babymetal - "Distortion"
Buy Babymetal's "Distortion" Single through iTunes

The Murderbirds [Aust] - "Nothing to Lose"
Buy The Murderbirds' "Nothing to Lose" Single through Bandcamp

These Four Walls [Aust] - "Over and Over"
Buy These Four Walls' "Over and Over" Single through Bandcamp

w/c Monday 10th September:

A Breach of Silence [Aust] - "Shameless (The Weeknd Cover)"
Buy A Breach of Silence's "Secrets" Album through Eclipse Records

Carbon Black [Aust] - "End of This"
Buy Carbon Black's "End of This" Album through Bandcamp

Monster Fodder - "Brain Hammer"
Buy Monster Fodder's "Skeletons" EP through Bandcamp

Red Light Challenge - "Out Tonight"
Buy Red Light Challenge's "Lookout Mountain" Album through Bandcamp

SHVPES - "Calloused Hands"
Buy SHVPES's "Greater Than" Album through iTunes

w/c Monday 3rd September:

Homewrecker - "Bound By Validation"
Buy Homewrecker's "Hell Is Here Now" Album through Riot FM

Nekrogoblikon - "Dressed As Goblins"
Buy Nekrogoblikon's "Welcome To Bonkers" Album through Bandcamp

Riot V - "Victory"
Buy Riot V's "Armor Of Light" Album through Riot FM

Tengger Cavalry - "Cian Bi (Fight Your Darkness)"
Download Tengger Cavalry's "Cian Bi" Album through Riot FM

w/c Monday 27th August:

The Lazys [Aust] - "Nothing But Trouble"
Buy The Lazys' "Tropical Hazards Album through Riot FM

The Pits [Aust] - "A Place To Hide"
Download The Pits' "A Place To Hide" Single for free

w/c Monday 20th August:

Death Alley - "Murder Your Dreams"
Buy Death Alley's "Superbia" Album through iTunes

Good Tiger - "The Devil Thinks I'm Sinking"
Buy Good Tiger's "We Will All Be Gone" Album through Riot FM

Pennywise - "Never Gonna Die"
Buy Pennywise's "Never Gonna Die" Album through Riot FM

Trashed Again [Aust] - "Long Way Home"
Buy Trashed Again's "Long Way Home" single through Bandcamp