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"New tracks we're playing... "

These are the new tracks we've added to our High Rotation Playlist during the weeks noted,
replacing tracks that have been moved into general play categories.

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w/c Monday 17th April:

Bazooka Fist - "Panzerfaust"
Buy Bazooka Fist's "Not So Fancy (EP)" CD through Bandcamp

Closet Fiends - "Heroinsomnia"
Buy Closet Fiends' "Closet Fiends (EP)" CD through Bandcamp

Nekromantix - "Glow In The Dark"
Buy Nekromantix's "A Symphony of Wolf Tones and Ghost Notes" CD through Riot FM

w/c Monday 24th April:

AC Angry - "I Hate AC Angry"
Buy AC Angry's "Appetite For Erection" CD through iTunes

Fake Idols (feat. Phil Campbell) - "Mad Fall"
Buy Fake Idols' "Witness" CD through Riot FM

Game Over - "Neon Maniacs"
Buy Game Over's "Dogmas" CD through Riot FM

My Regime - "Electric Nightingale"
Buy My Regime's "Generation Doom" CD through Riot FM

Sick Of It - "Black Venom"
Buy Sick Of It's "Nocturnal Masquerade" CD through Riot FM

w/c Monday 1st May:

Crystal Viper - "The Witch Is Back"
Buy Crystal Viper's "Queen Of Witches" CD through Riot FM

Iron Reagan - "Bleed The Fifth"
Buy Iron Reagan's "Crossover Ministry" CD through Riot FM

Power Trip - "Nightmare Logic"
Buy Power Trip's "Nightmare Logic" CD through Riot FM

Terrifier - "Skitzoid Embolism"
Buy Terrifier's "Weapons of Thrash Destruction" CD through Bandcamp