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"New tracks we're playing... "

These are the new tracks we've added to our High Rotation Playlist during the weeks noted,
replacing tracks that have been moved into general play categories.

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w/c Monday 16th September, 2019:

David Ellefson - "Sleeping Giants ft. DMC and Thom Hazaert"
Buy David Ellefson's "Sleeping Giants" Album
from Amazon Australia

Strung Out- "Daggers"
Buy Strung Out's "Songs of Amour and Devotion" Album
from Amazon Australia

Upon A Burning Body - "King of Diamonds"
Buy Upon A Burning Body's "Southern Hostility" Album
from Bandcamp

w/c Monday 9th September, 2019:

Gygax - "Hide Mind"
Buy Gygax's "High Fantasy" Album
from Bandcamp

Knocked Loose - "Mistakes Like Fractures"
Buy Knocked Loose's "A Different Shade of Blue" Album
from Bandcamp

Sacred Reich - "Awakening"
Buy Sacred Reich's "Awakening" Album
from Bandcamp

w/c Monday 2nd September, 2019:

Sabaton - "Great War"
Buy Sabaton's "The Great War" Album
from JB Hi-Fi

Tool - "Fear Inoculum"
Buy Tool's "Fear Inoculum" Album
from Amazon Australia

Volbeat - "Last Day Under The Sun"
Buy Volbeat's "Rewind, Replay, Rebound" Album
from JB Hi-Fi

w/c Monday 26th August, 2019:

Slipknot - "Unsainted"
Buy Slipknot's "We Are Not Your KInd" Album
through Riot FM

Thy Art Is Murder [Aust] - "Death Squad Anthem"
Download Thy Art Is Murder's "Human Target" Album
from JB Hi-Fi

Wage War - "Who I Am"
Buy Wage War's "Pressure" EP
from JB Hi-Fi

w/c Monday 19th August, 2019:

Eat Your Heart Out [Aust] - "Closer To The Sun"
Buy Eat Your Heart Out's "Florescence" Album
from JB Hi-Fi

Gellhorn [Aust] - "Constellations"
Download Gellhorn's "Constellations" Single
from Unearthed

Pänik [Aust] - "Trash Talk"
Buy Pänik's "Trash Talk" Single
from Bandcamp

w/c Monday 12th August, 2019:

Plague Vendor - "New Comedown""
Buy Plague Vendor's "By Night" Album
from Bandcamp

Remo Drive - "The Grind"
Buy Remo Drive's "Natural, Everyday Degradation" Single
from Bandcamp

Unimagined - "She Was Scared Of Storms"
Buy Unimagined's "Friendless" EP
from iTunes

Unimagined - "Too Dead To Dance"
Buy Unimagined's "Friendless" EP
from iTunes